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Holiday Club

The Holiday Club is at various external locations and Harbours Deck and is open to all 4-11 year olds

Children can choose from a wide range of activities, both indoor and outside:

  • Arts and crafts with different projects each day

  • Table football and a pool table

  • Pool tournaments and other group games

  • All sorts of toys and equipment to play with

  • Colouring competitions

  • Swimming pool in the summer holidays (closely supervised!)

  • Trips to the local park

  • An enclosed garden with swings, slide, roundabout, basketball, bikes and scooters

  • Children bring their own lunches and we all sit down to eat together at lunchtime

  • We are open from 7.30am until 7pm – book any start and end time you like

  • Prices start from £16.00 for a four hour  session (or £14.00 for two or more children from same family)

  • Late and one-off bookings are accommodated whenever possible

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